10 pranks for upcoming April Fool’s Day!



With March, nearly over, April Fool’s Day is on the horizon to get all parents, husbands and wife’s, friends and family twitching with excitement to pull pranks.

I’m not too sure about you, but the thought of April’s Fools Day gives me anxiety not knowing what’s around the corner. However, if you’re not like me and you genuinely enjoy a good prank look no further!

Here are 10 ways to trick your friends and family this April Fools!

  1. Mix salt instead of sugar in somebody’s hot drink
  2. Put mayonnaise in their donuts making them think it’s custard
  3. Shake their fizzy can of drink before giving it to them to open
  4. Mix a bowl full of Skittles, Smarties and M&Ms and watch them squirm (devil laugh)
  5. Replace the fillings of Oreo’s with toothpaste
  6. Place a ‘Woopie Cushion’ under somebody’s seat in a public place
  7. Or if you’re in the office, put a ‘cracked screen’ wallpaper on somebody’s computer
  8. Throw a rubber insect to somebody and yell “catch!”
  9. Hide their possessions in jelly
  10. Cover the underneath of their computer mouse, they’ll be confused all day


Or if you’re feeling nice this April Fool’s Day and don’t want to participate, watch your back as others aren’t as nice.

By Shreya Prasad


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