“Australia’s own Jurassic Park”

Everything we do leaves a footprint so it’s no surprise that the majority of us are obsessed with everything and anything from the past. Whether it be classic literature or fossils. We’re pleased to state that dinosaurs are not forgotten but rather making headlines as the worlds largest dinosaur footprint has recently been discovered in Australia.

The footprint in question is a staggering 1.7 meters which was discovered in the remote Kimberley region,  North West of Australia. Along with this unbelievable discovery a team of Paleontologists also identified 21 different types of dinosaur tracks close by. This leads scientists to believe that a variety of different dinosaurs all lived among one another within one region.

Dr Salisbury commented “Twenty-one different types of dinosaurs all living together at the same time in the same area. We have never seen this level of diversity before, anywhere in the world”.

Although very little details have been confirmed about this world record footprint, Dr Salisbury believes it belongs to an animal that is most likely  “around 5.3 to 5.5 metres at the hip, which is enormous.”

Many believe that with a footprint this size, skeletons of the various 21 dinosaur tracks will eventually be discovered.

For more information visit Dr Salisbury’s twitter page.

Edited by Sofia Iqbal



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