Delicious, Delicate and Diverse

Now if you’re a foodie like the majority of us here at Carpe Diem, then delicious foreign cuisines play a big part in choosing your next holiday destination. So, we’ve done the hard word for you and tracked down the top five EU countries to satisfy you food needs.


To start the list off we have the much loved country Spain. Across various different lists on the internet and in magazines, Spain appears to be a common destination. If the sun, generous people and good tunes aren’t enough the Spanish have deliciously flavorful national dishes. If you haven’t already try their Paella, Tortilla and their fresh meats from Chorizo to Salchichón. If you’re not that hungry and just fancy a snack then don’t worry Spain do Tapas like no one else.


The next country is Denmark. Most people know Denmark for it’s beautiful sights and cheerful locals. However, do you know about Denmark’s rich and creative foods? We highly recommend Smørrebrød which is a type of mini open top sandwich commonly found all around Denmark. Another popular dish is Pølsevogn which is basically their signature hot dog. Finally we have Frikadeller which is the Danish version of meatballs. So the next time you find yourself in Denmark dabble in their national cuisines, you won’t regret it.


If you’re still with us then don’t worry up next is Italy. How can we not include Italy? Italy is the heart and soul of mouth watering food. Julia Roberts character herself vowed to eat her days away in Italy during the 2010 hit, Eat Love Pray. Aside from the heavenly pizzas and pastas Italy also provides delightful Risotto. Available in both vegetarian and meat options this cheese based dish is one you can’t miss. Finally give their deserts a try or more specifically the Tiramisu. Now as a savory over sweet person I can vouch for their deserts, they’re just brilliant.


Portugal is a country known for it’s delicate pastries and cakes however, do you know about their extensive seafood dishes. As Portugal runs alongside the North Atlantic Ocean it’s no surprise that a few of their national dishes contain seafood. A popular dish is Sardinhas Assadas. The translation is grilled sardines describing the dish perfectly. Another favorite is Caldo Verde, which is a soup made from potatoes, shredded kale and pieces of Chouriço. If you haven’t tried them yet then get down to Portugal and get eating.


Last but not least it’s France. After all it’s the home of  wonderful pastries and fine cheese. Start off with a simple breakfast filled with Baguettes, croissants and some cheese. Then venture into a Croque-Monsieur which is the French version of a ham sandwich; it really is deserving of the fancy name, it’s not just a simple sandwich you can whip up in the kitchen. Finally indulge yourself in some famous Macaroons. They come in a range of different sizes and flavors, so be experimental.  If you’ve never tried French food then it’s not to late, France isn’t going anywhere and neither is their food.

Don’t worry we’re all hungry and drooling over those delicious meals we can’t quite reach. So there it is folks, our top five countries to visit if you’re a foodie. If you haven’t tried any of the dishes mentioned then what are you waiting for, you never know you might actually be surprised.

Edited by Sofia Iqbal


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