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‘World Health day 2017’: All you need to know, including beneficial advice!

By Sabrine Herridge

April the 7th marks the national ‘World Health day’ acknowledged by many who either celebrate their ongoing wellbeing, or celebrate having overcome an illness, or difficult period in their life. Commemorating public-health is important and has allowed many people to connect with others who have been through similar experiences. In order to celebrate this occasion, it is important to have an understanding on health, and what best ways to look after your body physically and emotionally. 

Often, it is the significant changes in one’s life whether that be positive or negative that can influence an individuals health and wellbeing. A dramatic change in environment or expectations for example childbirth can be overwhelming and can therefore create a negative, or tense atmosphere. This can then lead to a loss of self-worth, and depression or other mental health issues. Unfortunately for many, this one occurrence can set off a spiral of guilt and negative thoughts which will inevitably affect your physical health, leading to other problems such as anorexia or obesity depending on how each person deals with their struggles.

Feeling alone is what then makes these situations worse, and that’s what commemorating ‘World Health day’ is about. Encouraging people to openly speak about their past, and how they have overcome difficult moments in life isn’t encouraged enough throughout the year but can have huge benefits for others who are looking to beat their difficulties. Social media pages have opened up accounts specifically aimed at those looking for inspiration. These pages allow people to share experiences and comment on how others may find positivity in their lives. Fortunately, Facebook has encouraged specialist councillors to use the account to give advice by posting methods of relaxation, sporting ideas, communication and quality time suggestions that can and have been used in the past.

One thing we regularly forget is that you’re not ALONE. Suffering in silence will only make things worse. Speaking with your loved ones, and councillors is important, and whilst I know for some that is difficult, having the will-power to do this is a step in the right direction. Going outside for walks with your children, family or even by yourself can allow you to see the world in a positive light. The fresh air really does help!


The link below is to the mental health awareness Facebook page and Twitter page:


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