Established in 2016, this lifestyle blog has more to offer than everyday experiences and advice. Specialists in each department, whether it be travel, health or relationships, all have an immense amount of passion for each story and blog post.

TRAVEL by Sofia Iqbal

“Traveling is so much more then just a break from reality. It’s about the beauty and experience of new things and places. Those breathtaking moments we try to capture in pictures and videos forever. Not to mention we’re all connected through travel. So what better way to seize the day then by making the most of the world and its amazing sights”

RELATIONSHIPS by Shreya Prasad

“For me, relationships are what make us human; whether it be with your family, friends or a special someone. In a world where the media are more focused on reporting bad news stories, I on the other hand enjoy focusing on inspiring and uplifting news.”

HEALTH by Sabrine Herridge

“Health is an important aspect of everyday life. Being healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally can shape each individual and give them a focus which is sure to have positive results. In a society where takeaways, short lunches and being on the go is the new norm, finding time to eat healthy foods and do exercise can be difficult. If you’re looking for inspiration, and positivity; you’ve come to the right place.”