Single-parent & strong! – “all you need is fun, family & friends.”

Becoming a parent and being a parent are two different things. One merely means providing the biological tools for reproducing, and the other means to be an actual parental figure in that child’s life. We sometimes forget to applaud the single-mother and single-fathers who raise their children alone. Instead, in this society we still judge… Continue reading Single-parent & strong! – “all you need is fun, family & friends.”


This Month’s Wedding Issue

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (for most people), it’s when a young girl becomes a woman in her parent’s eyes, and when a man must step up and be committed forever. This beautiful ceremony is marked with laughter, tears of joy and a whole lot of celebration. Emma Richardson, 33 and Daniel Malcolm, 35… Continue reading This Month’s Wedding Issue

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This month’s inspiring relationship story

by Shreya Prasad Long-distance relationships Sometimes relationships can be proven difficult with the everyday problems it faces, however many couples around the globe face a difficulty that others may take for granted. Being in a long-distance relationship tests’ how strong a love for another can be. We use the phrase “I’d cross an ocean to… Continue reading This month’s inspiring relationship story